The Institute for Structural Reforms is an independent and autonomous research institute operating in Israel. The institute was established in 2010 by attorney Shraga Biran as a not-for-profit public benefit corporation to promote structural reforms aimed at reducing socio-economic disparities in Israel.

Our Goals

To promote structural reforms and publish policy research in the socio-economic field. To stimulate interdisciplinary discussion on the institute's topics in the economic and political public discourse. To serve as a body of research knowledge in political economy, social economy, and institutional economics.

Our Expertise

Promotion of reforms in the institute's fields
 Policy papers
Opinion pieces

Our Achievements

 Appointment of the institute's founder for legal consultation of urban renewal by the Knesset of Israel
Establishment of the institute
Conference - presentation of the "Urban Renewal" law, Tel Aviv university
The "Fighting for our Home" conference in collaboration with "The Marker"
The conference "The Sharing Economy Arrives Home," in collaboration with the College of Management, the governmental company "Apartment for Rent," and the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research
 Inequality Seminar, Tel Aviv University
The institute joins Tel Aviv University
Opening conference: "The End of Capitalism - Debate"
Conference on Banking, Corporate Governance, and Inequality
Conference "Old Poverty, New Wealth: Poverty and Inequality in Israel"
The Housing Crisis Conference, in collaboration with "Globes"
Renewal of The Institute for Structural Reforms
The Neighborhoods' High Court of Justice (Bagatz) Conference

Our Team

Attorney Shraga Biran
Founder and President of the Institute
Dr. Or Cohen Raviv
Vice President of Research and Data
Dr. Sagit Azary-Viesel
Vice President of Strategy and International Relations
Gal Lipshitz
Omer Mansour
Data Analyst
Ophir Raviv
Research Assistant
Tal Saar
Research Fellow